These are two screen shots of one of my HTML5 game "Chicken Wings are not for Flying!",
i have designing all graphics and animations for this game, and submitted for a Game Jam Hackathon; HTML5 game computation & i got FIRST Prize for this game ,

Hi Guys,
i have add one of my work in progress drawing,
Well i'm still trying to find my style,

When working with a tablet:

Do a rough sketch with an easily identifiable color, doesn't matter if you miss a few lines. Just keep going, trying to get a basic figure. don't worry about shading and detail work yet.

Now make a new layer and trace your favorite lines with a black paintbrush. If you're not sure about proportions etc, it's best to save each 'part' to a new layer. For instance, the head, breasts, torso, arms and hips are each a new layer in the above image.

When you have all these layers saved you can trace over them to get smooth line art. With a tablet it's easy to do so, with practice, however!

lonely girl

After a long time Here's a image of a digital painting i was working on last night, I've been wanting to do a new painting, but didn't get much more time in day to day life, this is not yet don i want to fix lots of things like her hands, legs,hair details, also proper texture of shine silky cloth, and much more..... I used Photoshop and a Wacom to make this work..please feel free to comments ... All suggestions are welcome.


this is not yet completed...i am just trying to practice new techniques... 
soon i'll upload finale work, want to fix lot of changes ...